You can do more with Capricorn: ramp up for new projects, stretch your bandwidth and avoid being part of the 71% whose IT projects either miss their deadline, go over budget or fall short of expectations.

We don’t just get the job done, we make your whole department look good.

Whether you need just a little help or a lot, call on Capricorn for:

Let us share our insights and apply our methodologies, drawn from years of experience in varied environments. We can help you evaluate your technology goals, develop plans and strategies, gather and refine specific requirements. The big picture fine-tuned down to success, leaving no margin of error.

When your workload is bigger than your staff can handle and you can’t find or hire new headcount, call on us. We can manage and complete entire projects so you can keep your in-house resources allocated to where they’re needed most.

Whether you need a browser-based web application or a batch process overhaul, Capricorn will make it happen. We’ll put skilled programmers who work with the latest web technologies, as well as traditional procedural languages like RPG and COBOL to work for you.

We all wish our systems would run flawlessly forever. Unfortunately this isn’t usually the case. Application software needs TLC over time to fix problems arising from unforeseen conditions as well as to adapt to changing business needs. Let us provide you with our reliable and affordable alternative to costly in-house software support.

When you need to bring it all together, bring in Capricorn. We work with all the major databases and many of the current operating systems and 3rd generation languages. We’ll add our knowledge and experience to your team and work together to solve your integration and data migration issues.

Change is good. Let Capricorn make sure it’s a change for the better. Our team can create BPM solutions that help you increase business efficiencies, collaborate better, improve existing processes and develop new ones.

When you’ve decided to throw out the bathwater - but keep your baby, let Capricorn help retool and revitalize your legacy investment, allowing it to continue service to your organization years into the future.

  • System Assessment
  • Target Strategy
  • Architecture Redesign
  • i/o Standardiziation
  • Presentation Layer Transformation
  • Performance Optimization

Our total commitment to delivering the highest quality software possible has led, over many years, to the creation of a world class team of software testers and quality specialists. As the complexities of applications grows so do the complexities - and challenges of testing. We find our customers increasingly choosing to leverage our QA Team to help fulfill their quality control requirements.