Capricorn is more than a consulting company.We’re a part of your team.
We stand behind our customers every step of the way, which is why they stand behind us.

"I have had the privilege of working with Roy Goldstein and his team at Capricorn Information Systems as Director of Information Technology at Ethan Allen Interiors. Capricorn consultants have a deep understanding of business and operations as well as focus on driving to the bottom line. Roy and his team are interested, as I am, in the total success of an initiative, not just their piece, nor just the IT piece. Thus, their recommendations are business recommendations with a technical component.

On the technical side, the Capricorn team offers a very unique mix of skill sets that enables me to join disparate systems more easily, leverage newer technologies to complement more basic/base technologies, and present in formats that are user friendly as well as exec friendly."

Joe Aucella
Director IT
Ethan Allen

"Capricorn has been a great addition to our team. They’ve brought in some needed technical skills, which have allowed us to approach many projects in a much different way. Flexibility has been key for us; CIS can ramp up for big projects and then scale back down as needed. The quality of the technical team is very strong; I don’t want to worry about who is assigned to what task. They commit to understanding our systems and development standards and they collaborate & cooperate with my Development Managers. CIS does their job to make sure we’re getting the most qualified resources.

We've leveraged CIS to help us in a number of ways, including: application development, system design, project management and occasionally technical training. Hiring more headcount or bringing in contractors on an ad hoc basis just isn’t feasible in today’s market; CIS gets us the skilled help we need, when we need it. Every IT department should have a development partner like CIS as an extension of their team."

Jim Razzano
Director - MIS Development
Trans World Entertainment Corp

"I continue to utilize Capricorn services to supplement my in-house development staff. It’s great to have a partner I can count on throughout the year for the overflow and project work we need to complete. It’s especially effective to have the ability to dedicate external resources to a particular project that I know won’t get side-tracked with the support issues my internal staff typically have to deal with every day. It’s one of the techniques I use to get projects done on time.

Capricorn’s developers are among the best I’ve worked with during my career. They’re also a nice group of people and a pleasure to work with."

Bob Radicchi
Vice President - Information Technology
Generation Brands

"Capricorn brought to the table a deep understanding of business processes in a manufacturing environment, the ability to clearly present ideas to, and work with diverse groups of non-IT people and world-class AS/400 technical expertise. In collaboration with Capricorn, we've developed state-of-the-art AS/400 applications that really work for our business and our users love. Capricorn has been integral and crucial to whatever success we've had in both business reengineering and systems development. They're more like a business partner than a vendor."

Eric Hann
Manager of MIS

"Over a long-term relationship nearing ten years now, we’ve successfully engaged Capricorn to help us with our application development and integration requirements, mainly centered around our BPCS ERP and Manhattan Associates warehousing systems. Capricorn consultants work well with my user community as well as my technical staff. I’ve used Capricorn for contract programming, imbedding resources into my technical team for a period of time as well as on a project basis where they’ve assigned a project manager to work with my users and executive team here to define business requirements and lead a development and/or implementation and integration effort to satisfy the business objectives. We use local consultants from Capricorn and also take advantage of their overseas resources at very affordable rates.

In all cases, over a long period of time, we’ve had great success working with Capricorn. They’re professional, easy to work with, and really understand our environment on both the technical and business side. I always feel like they value the business relationship above all else and will go the extra mile to get the job done. Every IT shop needs partners they can rely on and trust and with Capricorn I feel we have a relationship based on professionalism and trust."

Joe Pellino (retired)
Director -Information Technology
Murray Feiss Lighting

"With Capricorn... we have had the ability to sustain the functioning of the AS/400-based systems as well as satisfying users' applications needs without having a large IS staff. The ability to quickly and easily adjust resources to conform to our fluctuating requirements makes using Capricorn very efficient and cost-effective. All this has made our investment in the AS/400 systems continue to be a successful part of doing business for our company."

Gene Pike
Manager of IS
ITT Cannon RF Products